What is Pharmacy GPO?

Our team understand how Independent Pharmacy is being squeezed from four different directions. Independent pharmacy businesses are under tremendous pressures to succeed. The insurance pharmacy benefit management companies, the drug distributors, the federal & state regulations, and many of the pharmacy industry service vendors are pricing independent pharmacies out of business.

New Business Development is key. Optimize your gross profits.

Your pharmacy spends thousands of dollars per month in drugs, vitamins, marketing solutions and other healthcare products. Why not spend the same dollar volume with a distributor wholesaler that helps you generate new prescription business?

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We're Gonna Market Like Its 1999

We’re Gonna Market Community Pharmacy Like Its 1999

January 9, 2014 So it’s 2014; Another New Year gives way to new innovations in our fast-paced and ever changing healthcare industry.  With new technologies simplifying operations and automating daily activities pharmacy owners may find some spare time to consider marketing & customer service strategies.  For a pharmacist these focus areas can become quite troubling More…

Happy Holidays From PharmacyGPO

WAKE UP IN 2014! Online Presence is a MUST and Internet Never Sleeps

December 19, 2013 Change is the road to innovation and betterment: we learn, we build, and we enrich our lives with change.  As an independent business owner you know marketing tools and techniques are ever changing in our fast paced, technological world.  Knowing which channels to use, how to use them most effectively and efficiently, More…


PGPO Webinar: Achieva Returns Novemeber 14th 2:00 pm ET

Webinar: Is Your Rx Receiving Max Dollars With Current Product Returns?

November 14, 2013        

NCPA 2013 Annual Conference

2013  |  Orlando, FL  |  October 12-16 Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin More information »