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Pharmacist Provider Status: Are you doing this in your community?

Pharmacist Provider Status: Are you doing this in your community?

August 13, 2014 Its count down time Ms. and Mr. Pharmacist- Within the healthcare industry the pharmacy community is getting closer and closer to that provider status recognition; one can almost taste it! Finally, rewarding pharmacists for their integral patient care services will be a grand movement in our topsy-turvy, ever-changing world. No doubt, will More…


Hey Pharmacist…Time To Talk About It!

August 6, 2014 So, here we are again…. mid-week and what do we have to show for ourselves? Maybe you’re a pharmacist or pharm tech filling scripts and saving lives, or maybe you’re a pharmacy industry representative that has provided a solution to a pharmacist’s problem. You have undoubtedly done good this week! The PharmacyGPO More…


#RxChat: Tweetchat for Pharmacy Business

#RxChat: Tweetchat for Pharmacy Business

#RxChat June 4, 2014- It’s here again and I know all of you pharmacy industry professionals are excited! Yes, the #RxChat Healthcare Tweetchat has come back around for the week starting at 12:30 pm eastern.  This healthcare tweetchat is for pharmacy professionals that want to discuss, review, and develop ideas with which we can make More…

Skyrocket HIV Business with Michelle Sherman

3 Secret Keys to Successfully Skyrocket your HIV Pharmacy Business

I wanted to share some great news with you about the FREE LIVE WEBINAR that I have coming up on Tuesday JUNE 3, 2014 at 4PM (PST). In order to create, build and sustain a successful HIV business at your pharmacy, it is essential to make sure that certain things are done and done right! Delivering care and More…