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Refine Your Skills: Sales Training For Pharmacy Growth

July 22, 2014 Congratulations! You and your pharmacy team completed the grueling process of pharmacy school and/or technician training, so that you could properly care for the increasing number of patients looking for top-of-the-line healthcare.  The knowledge chaotically circulating through your cranium from day to day is unimaginably vast and on top of juggling daily More…


Telemedicine: Way of the Future or Way to Health Issues?

June 30, 2014 We all saw it coming; the virtual world of healthcare.  Why wouldn’t we expect such advancements in technology, without new technologies and innovation we cannot better the ways in which we operate. However, will describing symptoms via video call and/or checking symptoms through remote technologies become a truly sufficient way to diagnose More…


#RxChat: Tweetchat for Pharmacy Business

#RxChat: Tweetchat for Pharmacy Business

#RxChat June 4, 2014- It’s here again and I know all of you pharmacy industry professionals are excited! Yes, the #RxChat Healthcare Tweetchat has come back around for the week starting at 12:30 pm eastern.  This healthcare tweetchat is for pharmacy professionals that want to discuss, review, and develop ideas with which we can make More…

Skyrocket HIV Business with Michelle Sherman

3 Secret Keys to Successfully Skyrocket your HIV Pharmacy Business

I wanted to share some great news with you about the FREE LIVE WEBINAR that I have coming up on Tuesday JUNE 3, 2014 at 4PM (PST). In order to create, build and sustain a successful HIV business at your pharmacy, it is essential to make sure that certain things are done and done right! Delivering care and More…