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K.I.S.S – Market your Pharmacy Business with these Simple Ideas

K.I.S.S – Market your Pharmacy Business with these Simple Ideas

December 19, 2014 You’re not a Pharmacists and a Party Planner.  You don’t need to throw big, expensive, in-store events to capture the attention of your community. If your pharmacy has something special to offer then simple, but effective communications go a long way. Daily routine in the pharmacy may make for quite the struggle More…

FREE Pharmacy Holiday Checklist Design

Here’s your FREE Pharmacy Holiday Checklist Design for Pharmacy Patients! Be sure to place them in bags when filling prescriptions. Keep your patients happy & healthy this holiday season by keeping them prepared. For any basic customization please reach out to or call 412-735-1617 VOILA! Pharmacy Holiday Checklist 2014

Get Your Pharmacy Noticed by Newly Insured Patients in 2015

Get Your Pharmacy Noticed by Newly Insured Patients in 2015

December 4, 2014 For healthcare providers of all kinds, 2015 will be an epic year in the industry as all will be battling the influx of new patients resulting from the Affordable Care Act.  Soon enough we will see this thing on two legs running full speed right into the fronts of Physicians and Pharmacists, More…


#RxChat: Tweetchat for Pharmacy Business

#RxChat: Tweetchat for Pharmacy Business

#RxChat June 4, 2014- It’s here again and I know all of you pharmacy industry professionals are excited! Yes, the #RxChat Healthcare Tweetchat has come back around for the week starting at 12:30 pm eastern.  This healthcare tweetchat is for pharmacy professionals that want to discuss, review, and develop ideas with which we can make More…

Skyrocket HIV Business with Michelle Sherman

3 Secret Keys to Successfully Skyrocket your HIV Pharmacy Business

I wanted to share some great news with you about the FREE LIVE WEBINAR that I have coming up on Tuesday JUNE 3, 2014 at 4PM (PST). In order to create, build and sustain a successful HIV business at your pharmacy, it is essential to make sure that certain things are done and done right! Delivering care and More…

PGPO Webinar: Achieva Returns Novemeber 14th 2:00 pm ET

Webinar: Is Your Rx Receiving Max Dollars With Current Product Returns?

November 14, 2013        

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